Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Taking Stock

So far the new year is starting like the old one finished: at world-record speed! Which means I need to figure out how to start keeping up.

I don't do resolutions (do you?), but I do try to take stock at the turn of the year and decide what I want from the year ahead.

2015 in review: I quit my day job, started a freelance business, and finished what I think is my best book yet. I started meditating. I took some yoga but didn't stick with it. I rediscovered a trainer and a gym, and dabbled a little. I really rested for the first time in eight years. I realized I wanted to talk with friends and family again. I returned to being the nicer person I used to be.

That sounds dramatic, but the year felt that way!

Ahead for 2016, personally: I'm going to keep up with the meditation and develop a real gym habit (watch out for kettlebell and unconventional fitness workout posts; also, some complaining). I'm going to make a living with my freelance writing business (I do technical and marketing writing, if you know anyone!). I'm going to appreciate every day that I get to work at home and not go to a day job.

On the 2016 book front:  I'm going to write the next Kate book set at the Indy 500 and make it the best book I've written. I'm going to start another book on a totally different topic and see where it takes me.... AND, I'm going to tell everyone as much as I can about my new book, Red Flags.

Stay tuned!