Monday, January 17, 2011

Tickle Me … What’s That Name?

I finished watching something educational last night with my husband (really, it was a show on Egypt), and, as is my habit, I turned the live channel to SPEED instead of whatever it had defaulted to—because really, I don’t need to watch even a second of “My Strange Addiction.” Ever.

Twenty minutes later my husband says to me, “We’re watching *Supercross* … this is motorcycle racing. We don’t have to do that.” We kept watching. Him, because he can’t turn away from a TV that’s on. Me, because I couldn’t stop thinking, “these guys are crazy.”

But that’s not what I wanted to discuss.

A guy who took second in a race last night had a name I just couldn’t believe: Broc Tickle. For the life of me, all I could think about was Tina Sparkle, a character from the movie Strictly Ballroom. I mean … neither one of those is a real name! (No offense to Mr. Tickle or his family.) But come on. That’s a character name out of outrageous, madcap, over-the-top fiction, right? (Paging Nancy Martin or Janet Evanovich….)

No, Broc Tickle is the name of a talented, athletic motocross competitor (if you don’t know what motocross is, think dirtbikes over a course of jumps, bumps, and turns). Wild. And Broc Tickle taught me something—a lesson you’d think I’d have learned by now: Truth … still stranger than fiction.

Any other good names you’ve come across?

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