Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Celebration is in Order!

This blog exists for me to share my thoughts on a variety of topics. It does NOT exist for endless buymybook, buymybook, buymybook self-promotion. That said, this post is a little self-promotey, but only because last week was a pretty darn good week in my world. You see, like the garden now that it’s spring, good reviews of Dead Man’s Switch are bursting into flower!

And friends, you can’t begin to imagine the RELIEF I feel at reading these. Sure, I like the book, and some friends like the book (OK, my agent and publisher like it too), but there’s no guarantee the rest of the world is going to like it! So take the following as not “look at me, I’m so great,” but as me inviting you into the wonder of “oh wow, someone actually likes my creation. How utterly amazing!”

First to come along was Publisher’s Weekly, one of the book-review heavyweights. And they liked it! Calling it a “winning debut,” the reviewer commented, “Even those unfamiliar with this world will appreciate Kaehler's vivid descriptions of the intricate teamwork involved in racing, the amazing equipment, the split-second decision making required of the driver, and the pulse-pounding race itself.”

Read it all:'s a broken link on the Publisher's Weekly site, which I’m hoping they’ll fix soon, but for now here's a screenshot.)

Then I heard from new friend and award-winning author Vincent O’Neil (whose Death Troupe I just finished reading and loved), who kindly sent me the following:
With DEAD MAN'S SWITCH, Tammy Kaehler has brought the suspense world a whole new genre—car racing! Whether you know nothing about the sport or follow it closely, DEAD MAN'S SWITCH puts you on the track, behind the wheel, in the pits, and everywhere else as new heroine Kate Reilly tries to solve a murder that could end up taking her job, her freedom, or even her life. Trust me: You'll want to be there when the checked flag comes down.
—Vincent H. O'Neil, Malice Award-winning author of DEATH TROUPE

Vinny may be surprised how often I use “Trust me: You’ll want to be there when the checkered flag comes down.” I love that.

And last, but not least, Fresh Fiction posted a great review online, calling Dead Man’s Switch “chock full” of drama and the characters “full of life and believable.” In addition, the reviewer said, “As a long-time motorsports fan AND a mystery fan, I highly enjoyed this book. It wasn't condescending to those with racing knowledge, yet I don't think it would be overwhelming to those with no racing knowledge.” Just what I was aiming for.

Not to mention that the rain stopped, the clouds went away, and the sun is shining. Now, how to celebrate?

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  1. This is all great news, Tammy! It is affirming to have the critics agree with us when we say, "This is a great read!"


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