Friday, April 5, 2013

Release Week Blogging

It's release week! In addition to visiting a few blogs this week, I've also been mentioned in a few lovely reviews. All the links below!


At Jungle Red Writers (today!) I'm Confessing MyReality TV Addiction.

Over on the Nice Girls Don't Read Naughty Books blog, I'm talking about how Kate and I are similar and different in Kate Reilly and Me.

On the Poisoned Pen Press authors' blog, I'm talking about the wonders of social media and Tweeting My Way to Readers.

On Two For The Road, the blog I share with my friend Simon Wood, I'm sharing the videos of racing laps I studied over and over (and over and over and over...) while writing Braking Points: Racing in Braking Points.

And on Shelf Pleasures, I'm sharing what's on my nightstand, photo included (scroll down, I'm the third author there), in Nightstand: the Second Book'd in Burbank Edition.


The Corvette Blogger shared my book with his readers, saying, "At Road Atlanta, Kate once again proves she belongs in the driver’s seat, with Kaehler expertly taking the reader into the mind of a race car driver doing 140 mph on the backstretch of the Braselton, GA race track." (I just love that quote!)
Book Review: Tammy Kaehler's Braking Points

My new best friend (poor guy), Pressdog, wrote an amazing review of both books for his well-loved site, saying "Kaehler’s work is smooth and sleek at the sentence level. As a fan of both well written mystery and car racing, I found her books an excellent combination of the two that held my attention throughout."  
Kaehler Strikes the Right Balance in Entertaining Reilly Mysteries

Pressdog also did me the honor of naming me his 25th Woman of Pressdog®, and he wrote the most wonderful profile of me I've ever read. I couldn't write it half so well.  
Tammy Kaehler Gives Readers Racing's Ultimate Backstage Pass

Finally, Braking Points was reviewed on, and included this gem: "Reilly is a likeable character. She’s not perfect, but her flaws humanize her, which contrasts nicely with the public image put forth by the drivers and their publicity teams throughout the book. It’s a terrific balance of the media image versus the private people behind them – a balance that seems to be bleeding into more professions than ever these days.
Fresh Meat: Braking Points by Tammy Kaehler

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