Thursday, March 27, 2014

Pink Hair and The Helmet

I find that life goes along at sort of the same-old, same-old pace for a while, and then, BOOM. Things change all at once.

For me, the last six months were a slog. Some good times (and plenty of professional success), but a head-down, don't be distracted, get this thing done kind of time. No social life, not much fun. Because I was finishing a book.

But now it's done, over, turned in! Hooray!

And suddenly it was time for some shopping. For some attention paid to myself. And for some fun.

Now, BOOM, in the span of a single week, a few aspects of my life are very, very different.

For one, I have pink hair. Not solid pink, kind of layered. (I'll take and post a better picture of it soon, but this one with my friend Rochelle will have to do.)

For another, I have a new, fun car to drive. See, I've been driving a leased Buick the last couple years, and the lease will be over soon. So my husband has been shopping for deals. And he found one. What I like is the quirky, fun aspect of the car (I've missed personality in my daily driver; I love the Buick, but it is personality-free).

It's small, cute, and a great lease deal. Plus it feels good to go zero-emission. Yes, we have a Fiat 500e (all electric!).

Meet the Helmet.


  1. Love both the hair and the Helmet! Well, and the tiara, too, of course.

    1. Thanks, Edith! We decided that everyone looks good in a tiara....


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