Monday, April 28, 2014

Photo Roundup: LBGP

Photos ahead!
But first, a book and writing update: The big news of the weekend is that Kate book #3, Avoidable Contact, is finally DONE! And by done, I mean, proofed, checked, double-checked, comma-checked, and so forth. Next step: printing! I keep telling myself ... of course, I caught every single mistake! (Leave me my illusions, OK?)

And before I turn my thoughts to Kate book #4 or to plotting terrible deeds at the Long Beach Grand Prix, I wanted to share some of the other great memories from the race weekend this year.

First, my main partners in crime this year: Barb Kreisel, Scott James (photographer extraordinaire!), and Mary Lascuola. This was us after a long Saturday at the race and a long, fabulous conversation over dinner. Same time next year, team?

Below is the same group, plus Patsy White, who does production work in IndyCar's pit lane for the pit lane reporters.

Then two photos with other Women of Pressdog(r): Sarah Fisher top, and Pippa Mann below.

And then two people who were very important to Avoidable Contact. The first is Chris (Christine) Syfert, a longtime member of the racing community who primarily compiles statistics for teams or the Series (her role with ALMS and now IMSA). Chris and Tommy Kendall (yes, the racer/announcer) got together on a winning auction bid last year, to benefit the Austin Hatcher Foundation, for their names to be used in the book. I was telling her about her role....

And last, but certainly not least, the wonderful Oliver Gavin, Corvette Racing driver, who took the time to make sure Kate's racing lines, curb usage, gearing, and driver change process were correct. Phew! Such a relief to know it's all correct (I think).

Lastly, one of my favorite photos, a selfie with Barb as we were signing paperwork for our two-seater ride. Don't we look like we're about to have a fantastic time?! Joy, that's what it is.

Find these and more photos of Team Kate all over the world (mostly at races) on the Team Kate Pinterest board. And feel free to send me more photos to post!

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  1. Nice photos, Woman of pressdog® Tammy! Congrats on Book. That is a big damn deal!


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