Monday, May 12, 2014

Fun at a Literary Festival

Saturday I attended the Festival of Women Authors, an annual event put on by the Literary Guild of Orange County. In addition to having been an author guest in the past, I've been a member of the Literary Guild for the last six years.

The Festival brings seven female authors to speak to 400-500 avid readers (photo of the ballroom stolen from Hank Phillippi Ryan). And the best part for me is that, as a member of the Literary Guild, I get to host one of the authors and hang out with all of them during the event and at dinner the night before.

This year we had a wonderful slate of authors on hand. They all spoke intelligently and movingly about the the power of words and the importance of storytelling. I recommend every single one of their stories.

The event's authors were Anne Perry (author of 82 mystery novels), Nicole Mones (an expert on China and Chinese food and culture), Hank Phillippi Ryan (Emmy Award–winning investigative reporter and mystery author), Deborah Crombie (author of 16 British police procedurals), Monica Holloway (memorist and autism activist), Attica Locke (screenwriter and creator of historical literary thrillers), and Ivy Pochoda (emerging literary novelist).

I was especially happy this year because we had so many mystery authors, including two of my friends and favorites, Hank and Deb. I got to host and introduce Deb, and then spent a leisurely dinner with the two of them, talking writing and life by the fireplace in the Irvine Marriott.

Anyone who's interested in great writing, female writers, and an incredible day of literary inspiration should join us next year for the Festival of Women Authors. And if you like good stories, check out the authors above and discover for yourself the power words and stories have to improve, enrich, and enlighten our lives.

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