Monday, January 19, 2015

New Habits

I'm still recovering from the big event of last week (a huge conference for the day job). But I've already been working on developing some new habits.

I did make two resolutions for 2015, and I've started on one: taking more photos of what I'm involved in. Even with all the chaos of the week, I managed some photos with work friends--and commemorating the effort we put into things made me happy (see photos here).

But I've also started on another habit: meditation.

Now, that one's a little weird for me, simply because I don't think anyone who knows me would look at me and think, "yeah, she's a candidate for meditation." But perhaps I need it the most....

There are two reasons I'm giving it a whirl. One, an attempt to calm my mind to deal with the chaos of last week. And two, because of this article in the Guardian, New Year's Resolutions Worth Making, that a friend (thanks, Deb) posted on Facebook. It begins, "First, just start meditating already."

I figured, what's 10 minutes a day for a couple weeks? So I started Headspace's "Take 10" (that's 10 minutes and 10 sessions) series, which another friend (thanks, Kimberly!) had recommended. And while I can't claim I turned into a serene person overnight, I'm enjoying taking a few minutes to just focus on breathing and chase thoughts out of my mind every day.

I'm starting the next 10 sessions in Level 2 now, and I've signed up for the monthly subscription, so I'll let you know how things go.

Does anyone else out there meditate? Do you use anything for guidance? What do you like about the practice?


  1. Prayer is a form of meditation, so in that way I do, but I don't meditate-meditate as you are describing. Might be interesting to try to be still for 10 LONG minutes every day. It probably helps you gear down for the rest of the day and get out of the hyper-high gear we all seem to be in.

  2. The interesting thing, Bill, is that the 10 minutes doesn't seem long when you're doing it. At least, it hasn't for me with the guided meditation.


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