Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Kate's Cancer Warriors

I need names!

In Kate Reilly's next adventure, set at the Grand Prix of Long Beach, she's going to have a couple special guests on the pre-race grid. Other teams call them "grid girls," you know, the ones in skimpy outfits holding the car's starting position number or a country or team flag.

But Kate's going to have a couple extra special grid girls, but she'll call them her Breast Cancer Warriors.

And I need names! So, to blatantly copy how Kate gets her warriors, I'm asking you for your stories. Why should you—or a friend or loved one—be one of Kate's grid girls? What's your story? What battles have you faced with breast cancer or other diseases?

Share your story, give me a name, and you might be one of the lucky ones selected to stand by Kate's car on the Long Beach pre-race grid. Virtually, of course!

Post your story in the comments or email me at Thanks for helping me and Kate out!


  1. I nominate my friend and high school classmate Tara Raffield, who is fighting Stage 4 ovarian cancer with grit and sass and vibrant red lips (she's the reason my profile pic on FB is now a scarlet kiss print). She's generous and compassionate and kick ass, full speed ahead, fierce and feisty. She's home with her family now, her son and husband, but all of us who have been with her on this journey would love to see her stand virtually by such a kick-ass gal as Kate.


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