Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The Month of May

The title of this post means different things to different people. To normal people, it's nothing special. A description, nothing more. To racing fans--IndyCar fans in particular--it means the buildup and the excitement of "the greatest spectacle in racing." The Indy 500.

Me? I mean both. My month starts and ends with book events, and lucky for me, it also ends with the Indy 500. So for this month, I'll be talking about a variety of opportunities I'm going to get to talk about my book, but I'm also going to be talking a lot about a very special car that's going to be on the track for the great race.

For the third year, Pippa Mann (above with me) will be driving the pink #63 car for the Susan G. Komen foundation in the race and racing money for the foundation throughout the month. Her goal? $100,000. All month, she's going to be offering special opportunities and merchandise to fans and supporters to help meet that goal...such as putting a loved-one's name in the cockpit with Pippa as she runs the race.

That means, all month, in addition to talking about my new book, I'm also going to be urging everyone I know to get involved and support Pippa's efforts. I hope you'll join me, and I hope you'll find me somewhere along my journeys!

May 7, Phoenix, AZ, 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.: CozyCon at The Poisoned Pen bookstore

May 11, Berkeley, CA, 7 p.m.: Literary Salon (book talk and signing) (RSVP for directions)

May 15, South Pasadena, CA, 2 p.m.: Sisters in Crime, Los Angeles meeting, reading from Red Flags

May 22, Irvine, CA, 3 p.m.: Sisters in Crime, Orange County, speaking about writing, racing, and research

May 25, Indianapolis, IN, 6 p.m.: Irvington Branch, Indianapolis Public Library

May 28, Indianapolis, IN, 3 p.m.: IndyReads Bookstore

May 29, Indianapolis, IN: The Indy 500, where I'll be cheering for the pink car, driven by Pippa Mann

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