Saturday, January 26, 2013

Five Hours Down

We're in the middle of a long green run, and the only problem recently is cars doing themselves in. A couple cars inexplicably spun out at the exit of Turn 6, and a quite a few cars have run afoul of the Bus Stop. I've heard Kevin Buckler refer to that set of corners as the Bermuda Triangle, and I think a bunch of drivers are letting themselves by psyched out by its voodoo.

Either that or they're taking the turn for granted, believing they can do more with it than is really possible.

TRG cars are running solidly, and the team is still moving at top speed, and, incidentally, fueling up with lasagna and Klondike ice cream bars in between stops. (Though the pit lane speed issue continues to haunt this team, as it's doing to others.)

In fun news for me, MRN, the track announcer, came by and did a short interview with me (thanks to the press release TRG sent out this week about giving me access). It was hilarious to hear my voice over the track PA in the background while I was trying to give coherent answers to the questions he asked. The crew guy sitting next to me was also mightily amused at knowing I was talking next to him and hearing me over the airwaves also.

Fortunately, I had a good answer when the guy asked me a question about what I'd found surprising, and that's the spotter interaction with cars and drivers. For all of my race attendance, I haven't spent a ton of time listening to in-race radio, and there aren't many races I've been to where a team can see the entirety of the track from one spot (however high up). So the spotter involvement was a surprise to me ... but you can be sure I'll include it in the next book.

In fact, a team of two spotters gives me some good plot ideas....

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