Sunday, January 27, 2013

To The End

We've got about an hour and a half left to find the winners here at Daytona, but don't think that means the leaders now will be the ones with the watches come 3:30. Ask Tony Stewart about that ... his best car here self-destructed with 17 minutes to go one year.

TRG continues to battle valiantly on with the 66 car (shown here last night sometime). They got bumped at one point this morning, and have been trying to fix massive rear end grip issues since then. But the drivers are making the best of it.

So we're nearing the end of the long slog. Everyone looks tired. Some look disappointed or defeated. And some look hopeful. I'm quite sure that many thoughts have turned already to the next race they'll be running, if not to this race next year. Racers are like that.

I'll be here in the pits with TRG until they pack it in for the day. I'm so impressed with this team and how they continue to struggle and work hard hour after hour, just like all the other teams on pit row.

More from the end, but a full team shot in the meantime....

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  1. Enjoyed reading your updates. Twitter does work, as I'm now off to download a novel.


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