Monday, December 15, 2014

A Dream Vacation

We're nearing the end of 2014, and I'm starting to plan for 2015's major events. In particular, a vacation. We're going to take one with mom for a big (no, not telling or she'll hurt me) celebration. And the world is our oyster ... or something else more delectable, maybe.

So the question is, where do I want to go?

And I'm having a hard time answering. Therefore, I'm turning to you, my Internet friends, for help.

Let's make it fun: you've got 2 weeks and budget isn't an option (within reason, ok? no private jets).

Where should we go? Where would you want to go?


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  2. I suggest Orvieto, Italy. It is a small walled town on top of a large hill. There is a small hotel across from the Cathedral where everyone gathers in the evening and the children play ball against the side of the Church. The gelato nearby is excellent, and in the lower part of the town is a restaurant with the best pizza I have ever had, with greens on top. I would plan to spend at least a couple nights, and then you could go north into the lake district if she hasn't been there. Or how about a safari?


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