Monday, March 23, 2015

Missing My Friend

Last week was a lost one for me. I had a great time at Left Coast Crime the weekend prior, but I returned home needing two things: a doctor's appointment and to give up caffeine.

That's right, no caffeine. My sweet friend, that hot cup of milky black tea each morning. Dammit.

The reason, for any of you wondering, is that I have celiac disease, and I've been possibly pushing my limits with my daily dose of goodness. Possibly. Something has been giving me an unpleasant reaction lately, and since caffeine will be one of the first "get rid of it" orders a doctor will give, I decided to be proactive.

Though I've also been sad.

As a result of both my malaise and lack of stimulant, last week was ... mostly lost. I thought when the headaches stopped (day four), I'd get my energy back.

That's not exactly what's happened. I've gotten some work done, but mostly I've been sitting still, resting, and indulging my lack of motivation. Which is good for reading a lot of good books, but it's not so good for general productivity, book writing, or drumming up new work.

I'm not beating myself up about all this, because I figure it's still a bunch of detoxing and recovery from a lot of years of too much stress over the old day job. But I am starting to be eager to feel better and be more motivated.

So this week I'm turning over a new leaf. I'll get more done and do less resting. And I'll go back to my hot cup of tea--it'll just be decaf this time. And we'll see how this week goes....


  1. Stay strong. I gave up caffeine almost 15 years ago and I never miss it. After a week or two you'll be fine. The only real challenge is the limited soda options at restaurants, so it's usually water or beer for me. Hope to see you in about 9 short weeks.


    1. Thanks, Rick! At this point I more miss the comfort of it, so I'll start on some decaf options soon.


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