Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Really Cooking Now

I mean the headline a couple ways.

First, I've finally gotten my head in gear and started writing again. (Hooray!) More on that to come as I actually make some progress.

Second, this last week finally saw the release of the book I never dreamed I'd be part of. Seriously, no one who knows me would EVER dream I'd be part of a cookbook.

Because I only cook about four items (two of which are hardboiled eggs and rice).

And yet, when the call went out more than a year ago from Mystery Writers of America, asking for people to submit recipes for a collection ... how could I resist?

Lo and behold, there I am, next to Sue Grafton, James Patterson, Mary Higgins Clark, and Scott Turow. (Actually, I'm literally next to Richard Castle, the fictional hero of the television show.)

And it's really my recipe! My much-modified gluten-free banana bread, made with teff flour and any other goodies you want to toss in—lately I've been substituting gluten-free oats for some of the flour.

I have to say, as a cookbook, it's awfully fun to read, because every recipe comes with a story about its relevance to the writer or his/her character or books. Plus there's a lot of good-looking food inside as well.

So check it out on the publisher's site: MWA Cookbook. And if you make my banana bread, let me know!

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