Tuesday, April 14, 2015

5 Questions With: Patsy White, Pit Spotter

I enjoy watching IndyCar racing, but I’m afraid I’m never paying attention when a pit reporter is talking, because I’m always trying to catch sight of Patsy White in the background. I know I’m not supposed to see her, because it’s her role to arrange things and stay out of the camera’s sight—but I keep hoping!

I envy Patsy her job of managing the work the on-camera “talent” does in pit lane, because I like knowing how things work behind the scenes (that’s why I write a mystery series set in racing). Patsy not only knows how things work, but she makes sure it all happens and gets done well. That’s my kind of woman.

Patsy answered some questions for me about why she loves racing and what her dream job is. Read on to find out more....

Tammy: What do you do for a living?
Patsy: My job title is Pit Spotter. That means that I am the eyes and ears for my announcer at a race track. From checking on rumors to listening to the scanner during a race and knowing what is important for the announcer to follow up on. I have worked with enough different announcers that I also have to know their style of reporting and what is most important to them.

How'd you get there?
I met my husband LeRoy in 1975 as he was coming back from England working in Formula 2. Following him around from track to track turned me into a race fan. My background is actually in the medical field—as a medical assistant. That was a hard job to do part time.

Why racing? Why do you love it?
I think what I really love about racing is the people. It's actually a large travelling family. And I feel like I have family in every series of racing over the years. Being a wife in racing gave me the connections to so many more people in later years. Some of the team managers I have known since they first started in racing.

What's great about being a woman in racing?
I have never really thought about being a woman in racing. It is for sure a man’s world, but that is changing. I think my job is actually better suited for a woman. We can multi-task better than a man. LOL.

What's your dream job?
I am doing my dream job!


Follow Patsy at @patsylwhite.

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