Tuesday, April 7, 2015

April Releases from Poisoned Pen Press!

Congratulations to my fellow Poisoned Pen Press authors with releases this month. I've read and enjoyed all three of these books, so I can assure you, you're in for a treat!

Bye, Bye Love: A Cat DeLuca Mystery #4 by KJ Larsen (find out more)

Partial description: Chicago’s Pants On Fire Detective Agency targets liars and cheats. But PI Cat DeLuca is once again up to her smokin’ skinny jeans in murder.

Cat is out running in a neighborhood park when she crashes over the faceless body of Bernie Love. Bernie was the finance guy to the scary Provenza family, with whom he grew up. And friend to Cat’s shady, Ferrari-wheeling-cop Uncle Joey. As she hauls out her phone, Cat is assaulted by someone with a Rolex, stun gun, and wheelbarrow. When the cops show up, the killer is gone. And so is the body.

This is one of those slightly over-the-top, slightly madcap series that I so enjoy. Cat DeLuca is a hoot.

False Tongues: A Callie Anson Mystery #4 by Kate Charles (find out more)

Partial description: The Reverend Callie Anson should have learned her lesson by now: revisiting the past is seldom a good idea. But she succumbs to peer pressure and attends a reunion at her theological college in Cambridge, where she is forced to confront painful memories – and the presence of her clueless ex, Adam.

I'd never read one of this series before, but I enjoyed Callie as a heroine and a person.

Blood Sweep: A Posadas County Mystery #20 by Steven Havill (find out more)

Partial description: Gifted fifteen-year-old Francisco Guzman has become an internationally renowned concert pianist, touring the world under the auspices of his music conservatory. That gives his mother, Posadas County Undersheriff Estelle Reyes-Guzman, plenty of reason to worry–and that’s magnified when she learns that he’s in Mexico’s crime-ridden Mazatlan for a concert series where he may be the target for scam artists and kidnappers.

This was another first-read for me in the series, and while it stood alone just fine, it definitely made me curious to see what other adventures Estelle and her family and friends have had.

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